Elementary Education Coordinating Committee 3 - Nov. 10, 2011

November 10, 2011
8:00 a.m.
Dr. Becky Brannock, Steve Brown, Patty Clay, Dr. Jean Dockers, Dr. Julie Samuels, Dr.
Kathy Spillman, Amber Tankersly and Dr. Marti York attended the meeting. Ex-officio
members in attendance were Dr. Alice Sagehorn and Dr. Howard Smith. Dr. Hazel
Coltharp, Dr. Tim Flood and Dr. Duane Whitbeck attended as guests.
A discussion was held on requiring background checks for Teacher Education. It was
noted that no other Regents institutions currently require background checks for their
students. However, PSU is one of only two institutions that does not require an
admission application fee. Discussion was held on whether it should be required with
entry to the program, entry to the Professional Semester or at both points. Dr. Dockers
will contact KSDE about the possibility of the background check being sufficient for the
check required with the application for initial license.
Dr. Alice Sagehorn motioned to implement a background check requirement upon
application to Teacher Education as well as application to the Professional Semester. Dr.
Becky Brannock seconded the motion. All were in favor.
Discussion was then held regarding the Math course requirements for Early Childhood
Unified majors. Dr. Duane Whitbeck shared concerns from the department of Family
and Consumer Science. The department would like to see the ECU program closer to a
four year program and believe that Math 304 Mathematics for Education II are above
what should be required of the major. He also indicated that Math is infused throughout
the program. Dr. Hazel Coltharp shared the requirements of other Regents institutions
and comparable universities in the state of Missouri. Of the 7 compared universities, the
lowest Math requirement was two courses for a total of 5 credit hours. It was noted that
math standards for both the Early Childhood Unified (Birth through Third Grade) and
Early Childhood-Late Childhood (Kindergarten through Sixth Grade) are identical.
Dr. Whitbeck proposed that a program change be made for Early Childhood Unified
majors regarding Psych 263 Developmental Psychology. The department would like
students to have the option of Psych 263 or FCS 285 Lifespan Human Development. He
expressed that the FCS department sees the courses as having the same content but
approached from a different perspective – FCS 285 from the family perspective where
PSYCH 263 has a psychological approach. Feedback from their students indicates that
FCS 285 better prepares them for their other FCS courses. It was noted that PSYCH 263
is a prerequisite course for PSYCH 357 Educational Psychology. PSYCH 357 is a
required course for ECU majors. Dr. Brannock will share the discussion with the
Psychology and Counseling department for their response.
The next meeting will be Thursday, December 15th at 8:00 a.m. It will be held in 126
Hughes Hall.