HS 2 Parent Letter

Anderson 5 Career Campus
1225 S. McDuffie Street
Anderson, SC 29624
Phone: 864-260-5160
Fax: 864-260-5685
Dear Parent/ Guardian:
I will be your child’s teacher this year in Health Science 2 Class. This course is designed to help the student apply
the knowledge learned in Health Science 1 to patient care. Some of the units covered include: Human growth and
development, legal and ethical issues in health care, and safety. There is a heavy emphasis on lab skills in Health
Science 2. Students will be practicing medical assisting skills, first aid, patient care, and cardiopulmonary
resuscitation and defibrillator usage. Computer software, videotapes, lab equipment, scenarios, and visual aids
will be used in order to facilitate the learning process. Some independent, as well as group or partner, studying
will be required. Guest speakers will provide the student with a better understanding of the health care industry.
It is important that we operate and behave in the classroom and lab in a manner where we are all respected and
have a fair opportunity to learn. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Please review the course syllabi, cell
phone policy and the class rules with your child. You will also find these on my web page. These rules have been
reviewed with and signed by your child indicating that they have a clear understanding and will abide by them. I
also ask that you review the rules as well.
Please note that the attendance policy will be strictly adhered to. Excessive absences will hinder learning in this
class due to the amount of material covered. Students must have an excuse in order to make up any missed
assignments. Calls may be made in order to verify excuses. Please see the student handbook for more
information on attendance and tardy policies. Credit will be denied for excessive absences.
The materials needed in this class are listed below. These materials should be brought to class on or before
Monday August 27, 2012.
Paper in a binder or spiral notebook for note taking and composition notebook to be left in classroom
Writing materials (ink and pencil with eraser)
3- 3X5 packs of index cards
$5.00 CPR fee (required by American Heart Association)
$5.00 course fee (required for all A5CC Classes)
Other materials as requested to enhance learning
Please feel free to contact me at A5CC at 260-4466 ext. 133. You may also contact me via email at
[email protected] I am looking forward to a great school year. Thank you for encouraging you child
to succeed.
Carol Tamaklo, RN BSN
Health Science Instructor