Summary of Changes –Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics Competency Model Update

Summary of Changes –Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics
Competency Model Update
The most significant model changes are summarized below. A comprehensive view of the document
changes can be found in this PDF of the updated model tracking the changes made to the original.
Tier 1 – Personal Effectiveness
Willingness to Learn renamed Lifelong Learning
Within Lifelong Learning, Identifying Career Interests deleted
Tier 2 - Academic
 Added blocks: Locating and Using Information, Critical and Analytical Thinking
 Basic Computer Skills changed to Information Technology Fundamentals
Tier 3 – Workplace
Business Fundamentals was updated to reflect that the TDL workforce consists of both
government and private employees
Tier 4: Industry- Wide
Reorganized. New blocks are:
 Industry Fundamentals
 Design and Development
 Operations and Management
 Maintenance and Repair
 Technology Applications
 Regulations
 Safety and Security
Tier 5: Industry-Sector
New Tier 5 added, identifying the key industry sectors in TDL:
 Air
 Rail
 Maritime
 Highway
 Public Transit and Ground Transportation Systems
 Warehousing
 Pipeline
 Scenic & Sightseeing, Postal Service, and Couriers & Messengers
References and links to the Aerospace and Heavy Highway Construction Competency
Models and to DOT workforce reports were added.