Ferdinand Magellan Made by Mr. Roper

Ferdinand Magellan
Made by Mr. Roper
 Ferdinand was born in Portugal in 1480.
 In_________________, Ferdinand Magellan
along with 5 ships left from Spain.
 He had convinced the king of
_______________ to pay for his expedition.
 The reason for Magellan’s expedition was to
find a way to reach __________________
by sailing west around the Americas.
 He first sailed to _____________________.
 He tried to find a river that would take him
across South America to the Pacific Ocean.
 Finally in 1520 he found a river which took
him across to the Pacific Ocean.
 Since Magellan was one of the first to find
this, it is named the
_______________________ Strait.
 For 3 months, the ships sailed across the
________________________ Ocean.
 They began running out of food while sailing.
 Many of the men died from
Strait of Magellan
Magellan’s Route
 In March 1521, the ships reached what are
today called the ______________________
 On April 27, Magellan was
_________________in a battle between his
crew and the people on the islands.
 In _________________, only one of the five
ships that had sailed returned to Spain.
 These men were the first to ever sail
completely around the _______________