Group Project 2

Group Project 2
Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to analyze the communication behavior of
an actual task group.
Method: You may use techniques discussed in class to analyze
the effectiveness of the various groups.
Requirements: Your analysis of the task group will consist
of two basic parts:
Your group will make an oral presentation.
One week after your oral presentation, your group should
submit a written report that includes all supporting material in a properly
indexed fashion.
Evaluation: Your group project will be evaluated on the basis of three factors: 1) the
oral presentation, 2) the written work, and 3) individual ratings given by your fellow
group members.
The criteria for evaluating the project are:
Writing and presentation style;
Illustration and support of the key ideas;
Theoretical assimilation & creativity;
Understanding of key theoretical terms;
Depth of analysis; and
Breadth and scope of project.
Starting Points: Your analysis boils down to three basic questions:
1. How should effectiveness be defined for this particular group?
2. What degree of effectiveness did this group display?
3. What communication factors help explain the degree of the group's
You will have to provide support for all your assertions that can be gleaned from the
readings, class discussions, your own creative ideas, and the use of more formal
analysis procedures. Moreover, if the group is deemed ineffective in some way you
should suggest reasonable alternatives.