Dear Parent/Guardian:

Dear Parent/Guardian:
It is so hard to believe that the summer has come to an end and that it is
time for a new school year to begin. I am pleased to have your child in my
classroom this year. I invite you to take an active role in your child’s education.
Please feel free to visit our classroom during the school year, just stop by the
office to pick up a visitor’s pass. If you need to contact me by phone or for a
conference, I will be available daily from 12:45-1:30. The school secretary
schedules all conferences. If you would like to schedule a conference, please call
the school office at 716-3890.
I would like to remind you social studies is part of the PASS testing program
for all seventh graders and the scores will be reflected on our school report card.
Later this fall, you will receive your child’s test results from last year.
Once again I am excited to have your child in my classroom and I look
forward to having a productive year filled with many learning opportunities. I also
look forward to meeting you if I have not already done so. If you have internet
access, I invite you to e-mail me if you have questions or concerns regarding your
child. My e-mail address is [email protected]
Thank You!
Wendy Johnson
7th Grade Social Studies
Grading Scale
Tests, Projects & Quizzes
Class Work
Participation/Notebook Checks
45% of 9 weeks grade
40% of 9 weeks grade
10% of 9 weeks grade
5% of 9 weeks grade