(4) Wellness Initiatives - Funding Request form and Ideas-1

Joint Health Care Committee
Wellness Initiatives
Funding Support Request Form
Purpose: This form will be used to request funding from the Joint Health Care Committee to
support Wellness Initiatives at the local level (group*/department/campus). *A group of 10 or
more, not specific to a department or campus – example: building,
Limits: 1) Requests of $250 to $500 should be accompanied by a budget and description of the
2) Requests of $500 to $1000 should be accompanied by a budget and description of the
initiative - and a list of employees eligible for participation in your initiative.
3) $25 Incentive Reward for any competition type initiatives (per individual winners).
All requests will require a report of program accomplishments, number of attendees and include
any written feedback from participants and/or organizing committee.
E-mail Address:
Target Group, Department or Campus:
Expected Outcomes:
Describe how this activity will support Wellness Initiatives at your location:
Dollar Amount Requested:
To be used for:
Cc: Chair JHCC
$300K – Wellness Initiatives
IDEAS for Group/Department/Campus Initiatives:
1. Sponsor a Wellness Fair at each campus location (coordinate w/community health fairs)
a. Invite service providers in the health, wellness, nutrition, fitness areas to campus for a day to
promote wellness. (Requires a contact person at each of the campuses (rural & MAU) to
assist with this)
b. Include making information available on UA Benefit plan (attach Alaska Health Fairs
2. Wellness Competitions – (coming up with a criteria and allowing ea campus (MAU & rural
to spend the monies on this-doesn’t have to be system wide)
a. “Snack Wars” – sharing of health snacks with taste testing and a winners!
b. “Biggest Loser” – weight loss competition combined with community service (collected
canned food for charity through program)
c. “Iron Chef” – contest with a healthy twist, possibly using the culinary arts staff/faculty where
IDEAS for JHCC Sponsored Initiatives:
1. Direct mail – healthy cookbook
a. Collect recipes from UA employees using a point of contact at each campus; contract out to a
vendor to create book; include testimonials about the wellness program. (like this-not quite
sure of the logistics
2. Direct mail – Food Pyramid refrigerator magnets.
3. Food Pyramid Posters for campus kitchen areas/break rooms .
4. Calendars and/or Posters promoting wellness for campus common areas.
5. Recognition for Campus with highest level of participation in the PWP. (provide a trophy for
a main campus & a trophy for the rural campuses)
6. Include spouses in IHP sessions – consider doing it in a pilot program with a finite # of slots
per campus. (expand WIN’s capabilities-include the significant others as long as they are on
the health plan)
7. Offering more than the $100 for a health club enrollment reimbursement. (this would be in
addition to the 50/50 & PWPs-offer this incentive year round
8. Continue with the 50/50 program and PWPs. (this works but need to keep an eye on it).
9. Recognition for front-line leaders in coordinating wellness Initiatives.
CHALLENGES A. Making some part of program available to all UA employees receiving benefits
B. Identifying contact people at each campus to help coordinate/facilitate activities
Compiled by JHCC (sub-committee): 7/7/10, 9/3/10 and 10/21/10
With input from SHCC: 9/14/10