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The Student Orgs Web Page:
Big List of Orgs
-- It expands when you click “view”
-- It is up to date automatically
--Will become “searchable” soon
-- Good place for officers to check out
-- Start “from scratch” every year in
April as we begin re-registration
Student Org Tool Kit
-- Contains most of our FAQ type documents
-- Policies and procedures
-- Good place to land if trying to figure out
how to do things
-- Dining Services Donation Request
-- A’Viands will match spending up to $100
-- more orgs should take advantage of this
-- Fundraising
-- All fund raisers need approval first
—on or off-campus
-- OrgSmorg Table Signup/Registration
-- Registration for fall Orgsmorg has been ongoing since April
-- Pre-Contract Worksheet
-- All contracts should be signed by Grant Winslow
—not org leaders or advisors
-- Needs at least 4-6 weeks lead time
-- Verbal contracts are binding in Wisconsin
--so be careful!
-- Solicitation Approval Request
-- Any requests for donations must be approved in advance
-- Form should be sent in at least 4-6 weeks in advance
-- Travel Packet (available on-line)
-- Travel Authorizations
-- Motor Pool Forms
-- Driver Authorization Forms
Records Updating
-- Done through MyOrgs System
-- Student Organization leaders need to keep
their records up to date!
Link to MyOrgs
-Can also be found by looking at www.student-life and
clicking Student Organizations
-- A registration module that works!
Based on UWGB email addresses and passwords
-- Orgs should enter their community service now
-as the year goes along
-will have to submit Community Service in April
-- Member lists should be kept up to date; submit in April
-I can reflect it back to them upon request
(for setting up a distribution list)
Link to MyOrgs
-- For Officers and Advisors
-- Re-registration in April every year
-- Try to get leadership transitioned before May
-- Orgs get off to a better start the next year
if there has been some training of
the new officers
Reporting a Crime
-- Advisors: Jeanne Clery Act
• You are a Campus Security Authority
• If any person reveals to you that they
have been the victim, witness, or
perpetrator of any incident that might
involve a crime (reportable or
otherwise) please immediately contact
the university police at 465-2300.
Reporting a Crime
-- Advisors: Jeanne Clery Act
• If you are not sure if you need to
report please error on the side of
-- See Public Safety Website
Student Org Email Account
Keeps individual student accounts from clogging up
Can use as a storage box for org info
—pointers, “how-to’s”, transition information,
meeting minutes, org documents (bylaws or
If the password needs to be reset
-- call (465-2532) or email John (
Needs to be checked weekly
-- I send out an almost weekly email
You could always ask the students to give you the
password too!
Larger Storage Needs?
A locker in a D2L module can be set up
when requested
Accessed using soaccount username
We also have locking lateral file drawers
Lots of these in use now.
It might take a couple weeks to get more
if there is demand.
Web Pages
Space on a university server can be made
available upon request
Students need to do their own web page
Virtually no support from CIT or Web
Services for student orgs
WordPress Blogs are far easier
A blog site template is available on request
SUFAC Budgets
& SUFAC Web Pages
Budget Training Sessions are mandatory for
those wishing to submit an annual budget for
Training Sessions: Tuesday and Wednesday
October 20 & 21
SUFAC Budgets
& SUFAC Web Pages
Budgets for next year are due Sunday
(11/22/15) by 11:59 pm to
Process: org leaders present their requests to
the SUFAC board
SUFAC board meets on Thursdays at 5:15 in the
1965 Room
SUFAC Budgets
& SUFAC Web Pages
Orgs notified by email to soaccounts about
decisions around spring break
SUFAC forms are available at their web site:
Organization Finance Office
aka OFO
Lea (Lee) is open:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 8:00-2:00 pm
Tuesday 8:00-9:00 and 11:00-2:00
Thursday: 1:00-4:30
Organization Finance Office
aka OFO
Help org leaders understand budgets
Maintain all budget spreadsheets (can share)
Facilitate spending and make travel
Common OFO Issues
Orgs must follow complicated state &
university policies
OFO travel estimates are just that… if
parameters change, so will the org’s share
Every year, an org would be wise to have just
one person coordinating travel (consistency)
Common OFO Issues
Last minute planning is NOT a good idea
Allow 4-5 weeks at least for travel
SUFAC checks take at least 4 weeks
Agency checks take 2 days -- usually
I have an open door policy– you
and/or students can drop in any
You can always call too (465-2532).