Golden Tree

Golden Tree
: 1M2 Hong Kong money (I)
: Golden Tree
Key Stage : 1
Learning Objectives:
1. Exchange current coins within $10
2. Recognise different exchange combinations of coins
Prerequisite Knowledge:
1. Recognise Hong Kong current coins
2. Tell the currency values of different coins
Teaching Resources:
Hong Kong current coins
Colour pencils
Coin cards (see Appendix)
1. Pupils identify various Hong Kong current coins shown by the teacher.
2. Pupils revise simple coins exchange. (For example, one 50 cents coin can
exchange five of which kind of coin? Pupils pencil shade the 50 cents coin at
the top of the golden tree on the Worksheet, then answer the question and
pencil shade the appropriate coins on the tree (as shown in Figure 1).)
3. The teacher needs to explain the pencil shade skill to pupils.
Questions for Discussion:
1. Which coin has the smallest currency value?
2. Which coin has the largest currency value?
3. How many kinds of current coins are there in
Hong Kong?
4. Tell their currency values, please.
10¢ ¢¢
Figure 1
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Golden Tree
1. Based on the given conditions, pupils find all the combinations of coins
For example:
(a) A 1-dollar coin can exchange for ten coins, what are these coins?
(b) A 1-dollar coin can exchange for nine coins, what are these coins?
(c) How many 20 cents coins can exchange for one 1-dollar coin?
(d) For a 1-dollar coin, after a 20 cents coin has been exchanged, how can
the rest of the value be exchanged?
2. Pencil shade the above results with colour pencils on the Worksheet.
3. The teacher guides pupils to notice that there are different combinations for
exchanging a 1-dollar coin.
Questions for Discussion:
1. If four coins can be exchanged for a 1-dollar coin, what are these coins?
2. If you want to exchange a 1-dollar coin for the least number of coins, what
is the possible combination?
1. Pupils try to pose some problems (for example, one 10-dollar coin can
exchange for five coins, what are these coins?). Pupils find the different
combinations and pencil shade the results on the Worksheet. They can also
work in pairs, and exchange the problems for practice. The teacher may
encourage pupils to use some coins of larger face value for exchange so as
to widen their understanding on coins exchange.
Besides pencil shading the coins on the Worksheet, the teacher can also let
pupils cut out the coins printed in the Appendix and stick them on the
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Golden Tree
Generic Skills Fostered:
Communication Skills
Critical Thinking Skills
Numeracy Skills
Problem Solving Skills
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