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Which skill-oriented industries will be promoted by the Olympics?
“Green Olympics, High-tech Olympics and People’s Olympics” are the three main
concepts of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. In order to keep the promise of hosting
a “Green Olympics”, RMB 71.3 millions have been invested in an attempt of
improving Beijing’s environment, Olympic stadiums and related infrastructure as well
as other engineering construction works, such as the Olympic Park. A series of
ecological protection and anti-pollution measures were also strictly implemented,
such as air pollution regulation, sewage treatment, solid refuses handling and new
energy source development.
The concept of “High-tech Olympics” includes the following tasks in six different
aspects: 1. The construction of all Olympic stadiums and all related facilities will only
make use of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly building materials; 2. The
establishment of a quick, safe and efficient transportation system; 3. Reduce pollution
by lowering energy consumption and lighten the energy burden of economic
development by using a clean and highly-effective energy technology; 4. The
launching of anti-dust storm campaigns and the establishment of an effective
anti-desertification system through the integration of all present technological
achievements; 5. The establishment of a security mechanism; 6. The promotion of
science activities by taking advantage of the opportunities given rise in the Olympics.
“People’s Olympics” highlights the importance of harmonious interaction among
different people and different countries. Therefore, it is imperative to enrich people’s
life and promote Chinese tradition and cultures, which will help improve people’s
spiritual and cultural quality and ensure a holistic development of a person. The ideal
also enhances China’s capacity for sustainable development and facilitate a
compatible and sustainable development of China’s economy, while strengthening the
mutual understanding and communication between Chinese people and foreigners and
promoting the establishment of a harmonious world.
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