– Creating digital graphics Unit R082 It’s a Wrap!

Unit R082 – Creating digital graphics
It’s a Wrap!
Task 1
Many companies use graphics on their fleet vehicles to help advertise their business. Have a look
at the gallery provided by this website: http://topwraps.com/gallery/index.asp to see examples of
the types of advertising material that can be produced.
Task 2
Source and save assets to be used to create a graphic for a Wrap advertisement on a van. The
client specification is provided below:
The Client: U-Send Couriers
The Business: The company delivers parcels and packages across the UK.
The Target Domestic customers aged 18+, particularly people who sell and send
Audience: things via online auction sites.
Company Slogan:
‘Don’t sweat the small stuff: U-Send it!’
The company prides itself on being cheaper than other couriers for small
Information: items, and offers a guaranteed next day delivery service for items
weighing less than 2kg.
Task 3
Use the visualisation diagram below to create your graphic. You will have to locate images and
graphics to use and ensure they are saved as appropriate file types. Your Wrap should make use
of layers to position items in front or behind others. You should try to use a wide range of tools and
techniques to help you create your graphic, for example, cropping, rotating, brightness, contrast
and colour adjustment. Save your completed Wrap Design graphic in a format suitable for printing
at 300dpi.
Brown parcel with
address label on
front (does not
need to show
actual address
Bright red
front door with
Company name in a
sans serif font,
getting larger from
‘U’ to ‘D’
looking PC
or laptop
Whizz lines
must stand out
but be a
different colour
Map of
mainland GB
All Slogans in a Red sans serif font, all
Company Names in a Blue sans serif font
Brown parcel with
address label on
front (does not
need to show
actual address