4th Grade Presidential Scavenger Hunt

Presidential Election Scavenger Hunt
(Modify names of Presidents for current elections)
This is
Follow these directions
 Locate the following items in the newspaper.
 Neatly cut out the articles and/or pictures.
 Glue the items to a sheet of computer paper (color optional).
 Number each item using the numbers below.
 Place each item in a 3 hole plastic page protector
 Put all items in order in a 3 clasp folder or 3-ring notebook.
 Create a cover page. Include your first and last name, grade, and
homeroom teacher’s name.
This project is due on-----------------.
Each of the 17 items are worth 6 points, for a total of 102 possible points.
An editorial about the presidential election.
A political cartoon that deals with some aspect of the election.
A movie title that might have been used as a campaign slogan.
A political party symbol (donkey or elephant).
The name of a third presidential candidate from a minor party or
an independent party.
An article that mentions platform or issues.
A picture of George W. Bush.
A picture of John Kerry.
A picture of the Republican candidate for vice president.
10. A picture of the Democratic candidate for vice president.
11. A political advertisement for George W. Bush.
12. A political advertisement for John Kerry.
13. An article that mentions campaign spending.
After the election
14. An article that has a quotation from the winning presidential candidate.
15. The headline from the day after the election.
16. An article that discusses voter turnout.