– What is the shortcut to cut? 1

1 – What is the shortcut to cut?
a- Ctrl+C
b- Ctrl+X
C - Ctrl+V
d- Ctrl+Z
2- What is the shortcut to undo?
a- Ctrl+C
b- Ctrl+X
C - Ctrl+V
d- Ctrl+Z
3- What application is used to display the files on your hard drive?
a- The File Manager
c- Internet Explorer
b- Windows Explorer
d- Find files
4- Where is the Windows Task Bar normally found?
a- At the top of your computer screen
b- At the bottom of your computer screen
c- It doesn't normally show
d- Right below the menu bar for each application
5- The window which shows icons for things like the mouse, sound, and
display is _____:
a- My Computer or Computer
c- Control Panel
b- Windows Explorer
d- Taskbar
6- The smaller pictures you see on your desktop are called _____:
a- icons
b- programs
c- applications
d- Taskbar
7- The active drive according to the figure below is:
a- Drive C
c- Drive E
Drive D
Drive F
8- This icon
a- Delete
b- Copy
c- Undo
d- Redo
9- Tool bar:
a- is used to scroll the window
b- is a collection of buttons and
c- can be made on or off
tool bars
d- There cannot be more than one
10- A collection of files and folders:
c- shortcut
b- file
d- recycle bin
11- Location of deleted files :
a- Folder
c- file
b- shortcut
d- Recycle Bin
12- Windows vista is an example of a(n)
a- operating system.
b- application software.
c- graphical user
d- basic tools.
13- When you double-click on an icon, you will _________________ it.
a- Highlight
c- Disable
b- Open.
d- Select