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Discuss a case study with the learners, e.g.:
How can you ensure that you do not get sick from drinking water
while you camp next to a river?
1. Bring along some good water from home to see
you through until you assessed the water source or
purified some drinking water.
2. Walk a few kilometres along the river to see if there any
pollution sources, such as:
any rubbish dumps,
effluent pipes discharging from nearby
pesticides being applied to agricultural lands or crops in the
smelly streams joining the river, animals grazing
along the river or
foul looking, still standing water ponds near or in the river.
3. When you are satisfied that there are no
immediate pollution into the river, you can
pick a spot to camp in. Firstly make sure
that you know in which direction the river is
flowing. Throw a stick in the river and see
in which direction it drifts.
4. Keep in mind that you always play, swim or fish downstream
from where your camping spot is. Always collect water
upstream from your camping site.
5. Cook all water before drinking it. Otherwise use chlorination
6. Make sure that the ablution site is a distance away from the
7. If you dispose of any used water, do so at a distance from the
river, so that the water can be naturally filtered by the ground
before it filters through to the river.
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