Sheet 6

Q. No. 1:
Find the transfer function V0 Vs of the circuit in Figure 1.
Determine what type of filter is it.
Q. No. 2:
Show that a series LR circuit is a Lowpass filter if the output
is taken across the resistor. Calculate the cutoff frequency fc
if L=2mH and R = 10KΩ .
Q. No. 3:
Find the value of the resistor in an RL Lowpass filter that
uses a 40mH coil and has a cuttoff frequency of 5KHz.
Q. No. 4:
Determine what type of filter is in Figure 2. Calculate the
cuttoff frequency fc.
Q. No. 5:
Determine the range of frequencies that will be passed by a
series RLC Bandpass filter with R = 10Ω, L = 25mH, and C =