Speech Department

PROPOSED Assessment Calendar
Speech Communication Department
Fall 2012—Assessment Plans for all SPCH courses are put in
place. Thereafter, assessments will take place in the spring
semester of each academic year. The following schedule will be
Spring 2014 –1/2 Odd number courses (1A, 11, 3)
Spring 2015-1/2 Even number courses (2, 4, 6)
Spring 2016 ½ Odd number courses (5, 7, 37/38)
Spring 2017 ½ Even number courses (12, 20)
Spring 2018 ½ Odd number courses (1A, 11, 3)
Spring 2019 ½ Even number courses (2, 4, 6) etc…
Assessment Plans include:
 Review of Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment
instrumentation—suggested revision of course outline sent to
curriculum committee. Begin in Fall and complete by early
 Review and update of Assessment Instrument. Completed in
late Feb.
 Collection of Data for randomly selected course sections (if
multiple sections). Begin in March with mid April
completion date.
 Assessment Report—report identifies areas where student
learning outcomes were low. Report contains suggestions for
course assignments that may speak to the need. Final revision
of Course Outline of Record Completed. May.