Worksheet 1 Calculator

Worksheet 1 Calculator
____________________, _____________________, _______________
Surname (e.g. “Straayer”), Given Name (e.g. “Dave”), class meeting time
Open Stat/Edit. If there is data in L1, highlight it and clear it.
Enter the heights of at least five people near your table into L1.
If a height is, for example, 5’10”, enter it as 5*12+10.
When you have the heights entered, use 2nd QUIT to get out of the editor.
Store the number 2.54 in the memory “M”: 2.54 / STO> / ALPHA / (M)
Convert the list of heights from inches to cm by L1*M / STO> / L2
(Enter L1 by typing 2nd / 1)
Use 2nd STAT(LIST) / MATH 5 to get “SUM(“ on the screen, then enter L2, and Enter.
Press  DIM(L2) and record the average height. _________________
Convert this back to inches using M.
Convert to feet and inches.
___________’ ________________”