SI FLEX Presentation_COD

Supplemental Instruction (SI)
Jessica Enders & Tara McCarthy
HSI Title V
FLEX 2012
What is SI?
What is an SI Leader?
Faculty Involvement and Cooperation
Hiring and Training
Data Collection and Evaluation
Fall 2012 Schedule
How to Request an SI Leader
Tell me and I forget…
Show me and I remember…
Involve me and I understand.
What is Supplemental Instruction (SI)?
• Developed by Dr. Deanna Martin in 1973 at the University of
Missouri, Kansas City.
• SI is everywhere...
• An academic support program that targets historically difficult
• A non-remedial approach to learning enrichment that
increases student performance and retention.
What is Supplemental Instruction (SI)?
• SI offers review sessions to all students enrolled in a targeted
course. SI study sessions are informal seminars in which
students review notes, discuss readings, develop
organizational tools and prepare for exams.
• Students learn how to integrate course content with
reasoning and study skills.
• Students with varying levels of academic preparedness and
diverse ethnicities participate. There is no remedial stigma
attached to SI since the program targets high-risk courses
rather than high-risk students.
In Short...
Peer-facilitated, regularly
scheduled, out-of-class review
sessions, that incorporate
collaborative learning
techniques and study skills
related to a specific section.
What is an SI Leader?
• SI Leaders are typically students themselves who have taken
the class before and earned a high grade (A or B).
• Traditionally faculty recommend the leaders.
• SI Leaders attend class every day, model positive student
behavior, take notes, and listen closely to the professor.
• SI Leaders also share with students how to effectively study
for the course.
• SI Leaders are NOT teaching assistants. They do not grade
homework or tests, or lecture during class.
Faculty Involvement and Cooperation
• Handout and FAQ’s
SI Hiring/Training
• Hiring:
Faculty Referral Form
Online Application
Faculty Recommendation
Interview and Training
On-going Observation
• Two-day Training:
Collaborative Learning Techniques
Strategies for Facilitating Group Discussion and Redirecting Questions
SI Planning Sheets
Bloom’s Taxonomy and Learning Styles
Data Collection
Attendance Sheets
Final Grades
Student Evaluation (Beginning, Mid and Final)
Faculty Evaluation
SI Leader Observations
*Thank you to Michael Harlow for designing
all the electronic forms!
Evaluation of SI Program
1) Retention- To increase retention within targeted historically difficult courses
Measure: D, W, F rates of SI and non-SI students
2) Learning- To improve student grades in targeted historically difficult courses
Measure: Mean final course grades of SI and non-SI students
within the same section.
In addition:
• Number of students served by SI Program (number of
students attending SI sessions)
• Students satisfaction with SI Program
Fall 2012
• Basic Skills
– 3 English/Reading
– 5 Math
• Transfer-Level (funded by the Cooperative Title V HSI Grant)
– 2 English
– 2 Math
Requesting an SI Leader
For additional information, please contact:
Tara McCarthy
HSI Title V SI/Tutorial Coordinator