Western Civilization II Name____________________________ Dr. Brunet

Western Civilization II
Dr. Brunet
Spring 2011
Exam 2
Answer TWO of the following questions in complete and separate essays. (50 pts.
each) Your essays should have a title, be computer written and double-spaced.
Write your name on the LAST page of your paper. Use this page as a cover sheet.
This exam is due at the beginning of class on April 21.
The Scientific Revolution radically changed Europe and paved the way for the Enlightenment.
What changes occurred in Europe that allowed for the advancement of science, and how did
these advancements change the mindset of Europe? Does science replace authority, and does
science become a new “religion” in the 17th and 18th centuries? How about the 20th and 21st
What were the basic tenets of the Enlightenment? Which pre-Enlightenment/Enlightement
philosopher or philosphe do you favor the most? How did the Enlightenment change the world
view of Western Civilization (do not copy from the previous essay)?
What was Enlightened despotism? Name at least two European rulers who were Enlightened
despots and explain their motivations. What reforms did they institute? In your opinion were
Enlightened monarchies a favorable development in Western Civilization?