Reading Quiz Chapter 11 – Prosper

Reading Quiz
Chapter 11 – Prosper
1. What is the difference between standard of living and quality of life?
2. What is one recommendation for finding out how you are wasting your money?
3. What is one of the biggest sources of financial aid that students overlook when
thinking about financial aid?
4. What laws do not apply to student loans?
5. If you have a low FICO score, what does that mean in regard to the interest rate
that you will have to pay? Explain why.
6. What do studies show is the biggest problem associated with paying with
plastic? Explain.
7. In Important Facts You Need to Know About Credit Cards, what do you consider
the most valuable piece of advice and why?
8. Read the Ten-Year Plan and The Latte Factor. Explain what is your Latte Factor.
9. Why are payday loans even worse than credit card debt?
10. What is the 72-hour rule?