Homework due on your block day.

Homework due on your block day.
Many manufacturers are developing products to be less harmful to
the environment and the ocean. Things that go down drains go
directly to the ocean. Keep a log of all household cleaning
products including laundry detergent that is used for your
household for 1 week. Next visit the cleaning isle at your grocery
store. Prepare a list of products that claim to be environmentally
friendly and list their primary ingredients. Use the internet or
library to find out if their ingredients are truly environmentally
friendly. Think of ways to reduce your chemical pollution at home.
Prepare a paper to communicate your findings. I encourage the use
of graphs or charts to communicate tallied or logged information.
This project is worth 60 points.
1 week log – 20 points
List of safe ingredients/products – 20 points
Ways you can reduce your chemical pollution at home – 20 points
Please bring in items for science lab by Wednesday
Please wash all used food containers
This week in science we will need:
Empty juice/water bottles large and small.
Empty milk cartons.
Old socks and nylons
Meat/vegi Styrofoam trays Straws
Duct tape