Stone Building Model Homework

Science Homework due the week of November 28th
I will provide a sign up sheet in class for students to sign up for presentation dates.
Stone Building Project
1. Find a modern or ancient structure made out of stone that you are interested in.
2. Research the structure to find out the following about it.
a. Who built it?
b. When was it built?
c. Why was it built?
d. Where is it located?
e. What is it used for?
f. How was it constructed?
g. What type of stone or rock was used?
3. Construct a model replica of the structure using whatever materials you see fit,
sugar cubes, salt dough, legos, foam, clay, etc.
4. Attach an index card or piece of paper to your structure giving the research
information you found out for #2 a-g, who, when, what…etc.
5. Sign up for a presentation date and time for the week of Nov 28th. You will bring
your project in, present it, and take it home the same day. NO PROJECTS ARE
6. Create a presentation telling all the information from #2 a-g. Then tell us a little
about why you chose this project, any challenges that you faced, and how you
overcame those challenges.
Model = 50 points
Research information (#2, a-g) = 20 points
Presentation = 30
Total = 100 points
To help you complete your project on time here is a guideline for time.
By November 16th - You should have researched different stone structures, chosen one,
and finished answering the research questions for #2 a-g.
By November 18th - You should have a drawing or plan of the structure you want to
build. Decided the type of materials you will use to build your structure. Purchase or
gather the materials needed to build your structure.
By November 22nd - You should begin construction of your structure.
By November 26th - Your project should be complete, add any final touches such as
paint, or decorations. Practice presenting your project to friends and family.
Remember, not all projects turn out the first time. Start this project early to avoid rushing
at the end and over your Thanksgiving holiday. Ask questions early to avoid problems
later when we are on break and I can’t help you.
Most of all – HAVE FUN!!!!!