Midterm Review EDUC 1301

Midterm Review
EDUC 1301
1. Know “locus of control”
2. Be able to recognize an example of external locus of control and an example of
internal locus of control.
3. What are the positive aspects of the teaching profession?
4. What are learning styles? Why are they important? Learning styles are affected
by which abilities of the student?
5. According to surveys, what are teachers satisfied with?
6. How many children in America are homeless?
7. Define culturally responsive teaching.
8. Define multicultural education.
9. What states are influential in the state adoption process?
10. What are the differences between the formal and the hidden curriculum?
11. What are components that have been linked to effective schooling?
12. What is the “rule of two-thirds’? Who developed it?
13. Why does Philip Jackson call teachers gatekeepers?
14. What is wait time?
15. What does increased wait time lead to?
16. What is direct teaching?
17. What is cooperative learning?
18. What was the original purpose of magnet schools?
19. What is engaged time?
20. What is “withitness”?
21. An IEP must include what???
22. What is “least-restrictive environment”?
23. Be able to label questions according to Bloom’s Taxonomy. You must know all of
the stages of Bloom’s Taxonomy. You need to know the definition of each stage.