Preparing for Bioemergencies

Seventh Symposium – November 20, 2006
New Jersey Universities Consortium for Homeland Security Research
Preparing for
Brendan McCluskey
Executive Director
Emergency Management and Occupational Health and Safety
University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
“Today's problems
cannot be solved with
the same thinking that
created them.”
- Albert Einstein
Preparing for Bioemergencies
• Since 2001, the federal government has
spent over $18 Billion on biodefense and
related programs
• Strategy – prevention and nonproliferation, mitigation, preparedness,
response, recovery
• Terrorism, naturally-occurring incident, or
unintended consequence?
• Scientists – commenting on policy
Panel Speakers
• Dr. Richard H. Ebright, Rutgers University
• Bioweapons-agents Research: Biosafety,
Biosecurity, and Dual-use Implications
• Dr. Laura H. Kahn, Princeton University
• An Overview of Princeton's Program on
Science and Global Security Biodefense
• Dr. Nancy D. Connell, UMDNJ
• The Biosafety Level 3 Laboratory: At the
Intersection of Research, Safety and Security