Chapter 6 Review Sheet – Roark

Chapter 6 Review Sheet – Roark
What was the goal of the Ohio Company?
What was George Washington’s first (and quite delicate) assignment?
What did the French and Indians do to Fort Necessity?
How did the Iroquois feel about the French military presence around the Great Lakes?
Who turned the Seven Year’s War around in favor of the British?
How did Great Britain feel about the way the Americans fought in the French and Indian War?
How did Indians feel about gifts?
What was the Proclamation of 1763?
How did the Sugar Act toughen enforcement policies?
What was supposed to have a stamp according to the Stamp Act?
What were the Virginia Resolves?
What lessons were learned by the actions of the Sons of Liberty in Boston in August, 1765?
What radical potential did the Stamp Act Congress advance?
What did Richard Henry Lee say about the Stamp Act in the Westmoreland Resolves?
What did the Declaratory Act state?
What were the Townshend Duties?
What did John Dickinson write in Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania?
What was the Quartering Act?
What was the New York Suspending Act?
How did the Massachusetts assembly respond to Lord Hillsborough’s demand that they repudiate the
circular letter?
What were the nonconsumption agreements?
Were the anti-British boycotts a success?
What did Britain do in the fall, 1768?
What happened to the Gaspee?
What were the committees of correspondence?
How did Americans feel about the Tea Act?
What did John Adams write about the Boston Tea Party?
What were the Coercive Acts?
What was the Quebec Act?
What type of planning did ordinary citizens throughout New England do?
What was the Powder Alarm?
What did colonial leaders call for in the First Continental Congress?
What did militia units do when British soldiers were attempting to return to Boston?