Class Preparation Material for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Class Preparation Material for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Make sure that you read Chapter 82 pages 196-203 in your lecture text.
Here are items from the review sheet for the upcoming exam
 Who are the ERP vendors?
 Which ERP vendor has the #1 and #2 market shares?
 Who are the large-size market ERP vendors and who serves the mid-small size markets?
 What is ERP system is used for the KSU iSIS system?
 What is ERP software and what is its purpose?
 What is at the heart of all ERP systems and what role does it play?
 What are the core components of an ERP system?
 What are the extended ERP components?
 How does an ERP system automate business processes?
 Compare and contrast the benefits and disadvantages/risk/costs of an ERP system.
 Know some of the characteristics of an ERP implementation (both the good and bad sides).
 Compare and contrast the “organization before ERP” and the “organization after an ERP
 Compare and contrast the core ERP components with the Extended ERP components. What is the
general focus of each, as well as the specific focus of each?