I am the Recruiting Director for Aspire Therapy Services

I am the Recruiting Director for Aspire Therapy Services
and Consultants, Inc (ATS). I wanted to reach out to you in
regards to providing opportunities to your OT graduates.
I'd like to post career opportunities to either a job board or
career site. I could also attach a PDF of a specific job
posting as well.
ATS is a therapist owned and operated staffing company
based in San Antonio working with home health agencies,
schools and clinics. We do actively staff for Occupational,
Physical, Speech Therapy and all assistants of those
disciplines throughout Austin and San Antonio. We have
mentor programs tailored to the individual needs of the
therapist available to new graduates as well.
Let me know where to go from here! Thank you for your
-Kate Hunsicker
Recruiting Director
1003 Becket, Suite 201
San Antonio, TX 78213
Telephone: (512) 621-4585 / Fax: (888) 747-5261
Email: Kate@AspireTherapyServices.com
Website: www.AspireTherapyServices.com
***** Also check out: www.myskybridge.com