HR/SA 9.0 Implementation handout

HCM 9.0 Upgrade
 All current delivered PeopleSoft and CSU Baseline functions as listed in the
Business Process Guides and Standard Test Plans.
 All custom-built programs and reports
 All security.
 Updates to Documentation, Training and Communications.
 Re-test interfaces to all Third Party tools and vendors.
 Evaluate the implement of the new delivered functionality related to SelfService, Facilitating Graduation, and Enrollment Backpack
Main Activities:
 Review all current campus modifications to determine if they are still
 Full system testing, including integration testing with Finance and 3rd party
 Analysis of new Student Administration functionality
 Implementation of new functionality
 All PeopleSoft related staff in EMS, SOD, Academic Programs, IITS, and
Human Resources coordinated by IT Project Office.
 Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to complete testing in specialized areas.
o Recruiting
o Student Financials
o Payroll
o Admissions
Project Timeline – 9/1/2010 -> 8/1/2011
Went Live – July 28, 2011, and opened to the campus community on August
2, 2011