FC Chairs Report Nov 20

Faculty Congress Chair’s Report
Executive Policy Proposal for Programs with Low Number of Degrees Conferred
addresses the problem that the Legislature and BOR have considered cutting
programs that are not seemingly productive – based on number of degrees
conferred. This policy spells out the creation of a review process that will allow a
campus to taper, merge, reorganize or justify the cost of programs that confer low
numbers of degrees. It is a solution to the problem.
New proposal for Policy on Consensual Relationships – ACCFSC seems to think it is
too detailed, but for the most part, feedback that I have heard is that it is long
overdue. Sent out via list serve so all faculty should have a copy.
ACCFSC – expresses concern about these policy proposals having such a short
feedback time when faculty governance committees usually only meet once a
month. Also concern that Faculty governance was not given much say in the
reorganization of the UH System Office.
Notes from President’s Lassner’s meeting at UH Hilo
Title IX:
No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be
excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be
subjected to discrimination under any education program or
activity receiving Federal financial assistance.
Title 9 training. Every campus must have a program.
Have to train all faculty and students.
Faculty will be held responsible if a student reports a situation of violence.
Performance based funding:
– this is extra funding, not previous funding.
People want to earn it. – Provides incentive to raise the numbers – currently it is the
graduation numbers targeted.
CAS Senate Executive Committee Chair’s Report:
Poll taken to see if CAS Faculty are in support of a campus-wide task force to
investigate the possibilities for reorganization of CAS units.