Time Monitor Assignment

Time Monitor Assignment
Your task is to record your time over a seven day period. You may use pg. 143 in the
Cornerstone textbook or the 24 hour schedule in this folder.
Step 1: Record your time for 7 days
Step 2: Think about the top three things you value most, maybe school, family, work, your
health, etc. and record for later use.
Step 3: Add up how much time you spent over the entire week in the following categories:
School work
Step 4: Divide the hours you spent in each category by 168 (the total number of hours in a 7 day
Ex. Sleeping – 36 hrs. / 168 = 0.2142857
Move the decimal place two places to the right and drop the remaining numbers to
determine the percentage.
Ex. 0.214 = 21%
Therefore 21% of your time was spent sleeping.
Step 5: How does the time you spend align with your values? If you are having a hard time
managing your time remove the items that do not align with your values!
Step 6: Submit your time sheet and calculations to your instructor.