21 Englewood Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14214
Software Engineer
Aricent Technological holding Pvt Limited
Network Simulation
 Designed and implemented a DHCP client-server over a distributed local network.
 4G-LTE network simulation which was used for end to end call validation.
[email protected]
December 2014 – April 2015
Project Intern
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
December 2012 – March 2013
 Designed and implemented a GUI for a plantar pressure measuring system using Fiber Bragg Grating sensors
 User Interface could allow live monitoring of the acquired data with pathological and visual analysis.
 Designed to help in patent application and POC validation of the system.
Buffalo, NY
State University of New York at Buffalo
Fall 2015 – Spring 2017
 M.S in Computer and Information Science
 Graduate Coursework: Distributed Systems; Data Intensive Computing; Machine Learning; Information Retrieval;
Software Engineering Concepts; Algorithms; Cognitive Science (Research); Crowd Sensing Systems (Research)
Srinagar, India
National Institute of Technology
Fall 2010 – Spring 2014
 Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering
 Undergraduate Coursework: Computer Networks, Data Base Systems, Computer Security, Operating Systems,
Computer Architecture, Computer Graphics.
 GPA: 8.5 (out of 10)
Juniper Contrail Over Virtualized Network: Currently Working on implementation of Contrail and OpenStack over
a virtualized network. Linux, Network Programming, Virtualization, Contrail.
PHP Web Application for analysis of large twitter data: Web based application for analysis of indexed twitter data
using solr for faceted and graphical analysis with multiple topic filtering and lexical analysis of the result obtained.
Python, Java, Rails, PHP, JQuery, SOLR, Stanford NLP, Alchemy API, XML and JSON handling
Machine Learning: Recognition of Handwritten Digits from the MNIST Data Set Built a Neural Network capable of
identifying varying hand written digits from the MNIST data set with 89% accuracy. Matlab, python
PHP Web Application for merchant – client e-commerce Designed and built a multi merchant web application for
exchange of second hand products between University at Buffalo students. The application used merchant input
for price validation and suggestion and used a two way handshake for product exchange between seller-client.
Php, python, Code Igniter Library, Rails, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, HTML, MySQL
Machine Learning: Biometric Analysis using Video Capture Windows Application for biometric analysis of video
for person identification. Application designed to be remotely deployable with easy to use User Interface and
minimal resource utilization. C#, OpenCV, C++ .
BIG Data: Map Reduce implementation on Hadoop(current) Developing an implementation of MapReduce
algorithm on a Hadoop architecture for analysis of twitter data.
Languages and Technologies
 C++; C; Java; C#.NET; SQL; JavaScript; Rails; python; PHP; JQuery; CSS; HTML; XML (XSD) Schema; OpenCV; R
 Visual Studio; Eclipse; R Studio; Hadoop; Shell Programming; Aptana Studio; Android Studio; Matlab; SOLR;
Network Programming; Git Hub Profile