August 19, 2002

Office of the President
Minutes of the College Council Meeting of August 19, 2002
Present: Ms. Caldwell, Ms. Ely, Dr. Fallo, Mr. Hanson, Dr. Hata, Ms. Pickens, Dr. Simon,
Ms. Smith, and Ms. Stewart.
Datatel was down during the week of August 12-16th. The majority of student records were
reconstructed. Many staff members put in extra time to get things back in order, Vic
Hanson will convey appreciation to them.
7400-Travel: additional grammar changes recommended.
Janet Clarke has volunteered to oversee the policy review process. An index has been
developed to assist College Council in its review and to track progress.
Flex Pay
At the next meeting there will be a discussion about faculty flex pay for serving on summer
Agenda for Meeting of September 9, 2002
1. Minutes of the Meeting of August 19, 2001
2. Planning & Budgeting Committee ECCE Representative
3. Flex Pay for faculty-summer committees
4. Facilities Needs
5. Team Reports
6. Student & Community Advancement List of Policies
7. Policies
4020 – Curriculum and Program Review Approval (Fall)
4050 - Articulation
5010 – Admissions
5015 – Residence Determination
5500 – Standards of Student Conduct (October 7, 2002)
5550 – Speech: Time, Place & Manner
“Old” Policy review – VP’s