December 8, 2003


FINAL El Camino College Office of the President Minutes of the College Council Meeting of December 8, 2003 Present: Dr. Fallo, Dr. Caldwell, Ms. Caldwell, Mr. D’Amico, Ms. Ely, Dr. Hata, Ms. Pickens, Mr. Samimi, Ms. Smith, Dr. Simon, and Ms. Stewart. 1.

Dr. Hata will request that Dr. Schwartz send out Health Science and Athletics Scope of Work Clarifications to H.S.A. faculty and staff. After these questions are discussed with faculty and staff they will be discussed with the architect. 2.

The Planning & Budgeting Committee has reviewed the surveys received. They are recommending that the following areas be looked at for hiring priority: 1) Safety and Health, 2) Information Technology Services, 3) Counseling, and 4) Institutional Research. 3.

Facilities Planning a.


We hope to be able to provide the updated dollar allocation for each project for the Flex day presentation. The next Facilities Steering Committee meeting will be Wednesday, February 4 th from 1-3:30 p.m. in Library 202. 4.

Flex Day a.

Some faculty members have requested that Flex day be voluntary instead of mandatory. Flex day is an educational day and gives employees an opportunity to get together. It is b.

also an agreement with the State. The Academic Senate has requested to change Flex day to Thursday instead of Wednesday for 2005. 5.

Equity in funding will be discussed in College Council next year. 6.

The Planning & Budgeting Committee has received the preliminary budget. 7.

Board Policy 5570 – Student Credit Card Solicitation is approved as is and ready for Board approval. 8.

A date will be set for policy review at the next meeting. 9.

College Council supports the Recycling Program as presented by Julian Peters. Julian will provide a final report for approval. Agenda for December 15, 2003 1.

Approval of Minutes for December 8, 2003 2.




Team Reports College Council Goals for 2003-2004 Board Policy Timeline-Janet Clarke Board Policy 5570 – Student Credit Card Solicitations