Web Task Force Meeting Notes September 21, 2006

Web Task Force Meeting Notes
September 21, 2006
# 1 - Demonstration of product: Web Question
Frequently asked questions
 Topics
o Drop down as many items as you want
o Sub links
 Search through knowledge base
o 70-80% visitors find answers through this tool
 Ask a question
o Submit question, confirm question. The page is customizable
 Staff assigned receive questions
o Look at issues
 Daily
 Open reference number response to visitor (student)
 Link to format answer from web link
 Can look at programmed answer instead of writing a new answer
 You can publish answers to the web for next inquiry
 Set up expiration date
o To renew this answer from the web site
o The daily process is simple.
 All departments have different needs
 Administration
o Group information
 Create group based on need
 Build knowledge base for restricted audience
o Work flow
 Send question to a specific department and can assign it to the
department or individual staff members.
o Questions
 Issue information
 Can look at the history
 Customer info, etc.
 Group:
o Questions
 Required fields. If they do not know which department assign the
question to the correct department
 If any answer is not in the knowledge base go to Ask Question. If it
goes to the wrong department it will be reassigned to the Connect
 Can Counselors questions be considered
 By default private until published
o Create copy
 Published
o Who answers questions and how many?
 Under reporting area
 Key word search report: use to improve knowledge base e.g.
questions about a holiday zero times answered then look at this item
o Staff to review questions daily
 Work Flow Rule Maintenance
 Create rule
 Report sent if not reviewing questions
Web Based
o Administration has access to customizing
 Filter data and edit
 View staff info, etc
o No limit to the number of staff to answer questions-each staff = fee
o Can forward questions to add to the knowledge base for no fee
o Training
o To update pages and review for current info every 6 months
o Create group to look at product to help determine use, our need, identify
o What other options are available
o ITS does not need to service
#2 Update
o Banner photo
o Refresh mostly administration and student service areas
o 6 month renew process/ refresh
o Website disclaimer every program (link)
#3 Sub committee online form
o Convert forms to on-line format
o Some to be stored in database
o Standardize forms for consistency
#4 Omni forms
- Looking at software to electronic format instead of data manual entry
o Review enlisting formats
o Committee Meeting 2nd Thursday of every month
o 2-3 pm
#5 Compton Center Web pages
o Some departments need separate pages
o Transition page or information page
o Work through task force
o Some pages are combinations of ECC and CC. Identify if you came from CC
o Should come from departments to review needs
o Pages for posting: highest need; timeline; enhance
#6 Omni Training
o ECC Staff Development will set up classes (specialized training for new users
in Oct/ Nov)
o ECC Staff Development to set up a refresher course
o Departments can update their pages- their schedules, on or off campus – 1
person reviews/ approves 24 hrs page updates. Melanie reviews spelling,
broken links, layout of page
Adobe Acrobat
o Quotes too much money for software license campus wide
o On campus we have 6 computers to load software or send Melanie (24 hour
turn around)
 Web Trends
o No detail way to monitor stats? –none at this point
o No tracking
o Request has been made to purchase software to help track “on server”
o “Web trends analysis” - $600
 CC- meeting on site
o Focus on CC
Items to address
o Compton library needs immediate attention
o Logo being developed
o Next meeting Nov. 11/16/06 at 3-4:30 3rd week