Primary Investigator/Program Director Responsibilities

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Office of Grants, Research, and Sponsored Programs
California State University, Bakersfield
DDH D108
Extension 2231
Responsibilities of Principal Investigator/ Program Director
In general, it is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator or Program Director to read and comply with
the agreement/contractual requirements of the sponsored project, and to:
Operate under Federal, State, and CSU regulations, policies, and guidelines at all times. Commitment of
CSUB resources, including hiring of personnel, can be approved only by appropriate CSUB officials and
do not fall under the authority of the Primary Investigator/ Program Director. Refer any questions
regarding proper procedures to GRaSP.
Obtain Research Ethics Training Certificates (CITI) for Student Assistants, as well as HSIRB/ IACUC
approvals as appropriate and follow protocols as required.
Contact GRaSP immediately if the sponsor advises that there will be a site visit or audit.
Maintain a positive, ongoing, and proactive relationship with the sponsor’s agents.
Conduct the project in accordance with the approved statement of work or the terms and special
conditions published in the award agreement and with the highest degree of professional inquiry.
Notify GRaSP of any proposed changes in the scope of the project, change or absence of key personnel,
changes in budget, period of performance, etc.
Supervise expenditures in conformity with the budget approved by the sponsor. Charge only
expenditures that meet sponsor's guidelines.
Initiate the necessary forms for employment, travel, purchasing, contracted services, extra
compensation, etc., in conformity with established University business policies and procedures.
Maintain a complete record of all expenditures.
Review PeopleSoft financial and payroll reports on a monthly basis. Coordinate with GRaSP for
assistance, and notify Fiscal Services if corrections are required.
Assure that cost-sharing or matching commitments made for the project are fulfilled, correctly
documented, and reported to GRaSP in a timely manner.
Initiate and certify the Time and Effort Reports (CERTs), including release time, in coordination with
GRaSP. The reporting of time and effort spent on all sponsored projects is a federal requirement.
Provide care and maintenance of property purchased with project funds in accordance with the
sponsor's guidelines and CSUB asset management procedures.
Contact the Procurement Office when (1) patents or copyrights may result from the sponsored activity,
and (2) the project involves construction (payroll certifications must be requested of the construction
contractor in order to comply with the Davis-Bacon Act).
Prepare and submit financial reports to Fiscal Services and technical reports to GRaSP two weeks in
advance of due date for review before submitting them to the sponsor. Submit reports within the time
and in the format stipulated by the sponsor. In addition to causing embarrassment to CSUB, failure to
submit timely fiscal and technical reports can initiate penalties on the institution which could possibly
include the withholding of awarded funds and/or the imposition of an ineligible status for future
funding at CSUB.
I hereby acknowledge that I have received a copy of this form, and I will contact GRaSP when I become
aware of any changes or if I have any questions or concerns:
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