Project topics

CSC 581 UML and pattern
Project topics
1. *Show a real case, complete its use cases analysis in four steps (each step needs
detailed results). (** >15 cases)
2. *Write a survey of methods (/**provide a new method) to implement nonfunctional use cases.
3. **Show a real case in domain analysis, show the class design is efficient
comparing with those without domain analysis.
4. *Find some real cases to use classes with aggregation relationship.
5. *Find a real case for any of GRASP pattern. (**Show the advantages of using
GRASP pattern.)
6. *Find a real case for any of Design pattern. (**Show the advantages of using
Design pattern.)
Order, Factory, Bridge, Adapter, Strategy, Façade, Singleton, Iterator,
Wrapper, Reactor, and Acceptor.
7. **Find real cases (>2) for any pattern which is not discussed in class.
8. **Find a new pattern. (*** And provide several real cases for that pattern.)
9. *Find a real security case for RBAC (role based access control). (**Perform role
analysis, may use any of above patterns.)
* for individual project
** for group project
*** research project