Fragments and Run Ons Instruction

Quick Review
 Every sentence needs two things to be complete:
_________________ + _____________________ =
a complete sentence
 Order of Operations:
To check, first look for the ________________
Next, find the _____________________
Then finally, see if the sentence makes sense!
 Clause: a clause is a complete sentence with a subject
and a verb.
 Predicate is sometimes used in place of VERB (I like
 Conjunctions: words that join together clauses.
Remember them by FANBOYS- for, and, nor, but, or,
yet, so
Problem: No Verb
 The carpenter worked hard all morning. His
assistant after lunch.
 Ant farms are fascinating. The ants around in
constant motion.
 Our class went on a field trip. Mammoth Cave.
Solution: Add a verb!
Problem: No Subject
 Martha asked about dinner. Hoped it was lasagna.
 I jogged around the park twice. Was hot and tired
 Li Cheng raced to the bus stop. Arrived just in the
nick of time.
Make a complete sentence by adding a subject!
Problem: Missing BOTH
 I heard the laughter of the children. In the nursery.
 After the spring rain. The whole house smelled fresh and
 The noisy chatter of the squirrels awakened us early. In
the morning.
Using your third step: check to see if it makes sense. If not,
add a subject and verb to make a complete sentence.
Run On Sentences
Frequent Run On Problems:
 Two main clauses only separated by a comma.
 Two main clauses with no punctuation between
 Two main clauses with either no comma or no
coordinating conjunction.
A Comma isn’t Enough!
 Extra crackers are available, they are next to the
salad bar.
 Hurdles are Sam's specialty, he likes them best.
Add Punctuation!
 The law student studied hard she passed her exam
 Kamil looked for the leash he found it in the closet
Conjunction? Add a
 You can rollerskate like a pro but you cannot ice
 Julian gazed at the moon and he marveled at its