Latin Roots Bellwork

Monday, May 14
Latin Roots
1. cred or credit- to believe or trust
2. flect or flex- to bend
3. funct- to perform
4. fract or frag- to break
5. grat or grac- pleasing or thankful
Tuesday, May 15
6. later- side
7. loc or locat- a place or to place
8. var- different
9. dent- teeth or tooth
10. nat or natal- birth
Tuesday, May 15
Circle the Latin root used in each of the
following words.
fraction, fragment, fracture
2. gracious, grateful, gratuity
3. reflection, deflect, reflex
Tuesday’s Definitions
Circle the Latin root used in each of the
following words and write what meaning
the words share.
 prenatal, natural, innate
 relocate, location, dislocate
 bilateral, unilateral –
 dentures, dentist, trident variety, vary, variable-
Wednesday, May 16
Circle the Latin root used in each of the
following words.
1. credentials, credit, credible 2. dysfunctional, function, malfunction3. fragile, fractious, refraction-
Thursday, May 17
Rewrite the sentences using the Latin roots correctly.
1. Spring Fling was in______ibly fun.
2. I turned in my book report early, because I wanted
to earn full _________it for my work.
3. In math class we turn _______ions into decimals.
Friday, May 18th
 After re________ing on the school year, I realize
that I have matured a lot!
 The winners of the student council elections
________iously thanked their supporters.
 After locker clean out, my locker combination will no
longer ________tion.
Tuesday Definitions
 I had to isolate the ______iable (x) to solve the
 The girl did a _________al flip so that she was
spinning through the air.
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