CH 13 Earth’s Atmosphere
Fill in the blank with the correct word.
Fill in the Blanks
1. About 78 percent of Earth’s atmosphere is __________________
2. Another 21 percent is ___________________
3. The gases making up the remaining 1 percent include three, in
varying amounts of ___________, _________, and ____________
4. The gas ___________________ is in the stratosphere; closer to
Earth’s surface in urban areas, it is considered to be a pollutant
5. The atmosphere also contains solid particles, including
______________ from plants and _____________ from volcanoes
6. Liquids in the air include ___________________ from evaporation
and ___________________ from the burning of fossil fuels.
7. The force that pulls the atmosphere toward Earth is _____________.
8. This pull causes the atmosphere to exert a force called ___________.
9. The more gas molecules that are in a given volume of air, the
greater the ____________________of the air will be
10. In the _____________ , and the _____________, temperature
decreases with increasing altitude.
11. In the _________________, the _________________, and the
_________________, just the opposite occurs
12. Temperature increases in the ______________ are caused by the
presence of ____________, which readily absorbs solar radiation.
Draw, Label and color the Atmospheric Layers depicted on pp 428.