Course units and assignments

Were You Listening??
Listed below is the outline we will follow for Exploratory Music. Projects listed generally
have a point value of 100 or higher and not completing them could have a major
(negative) effect on your final grade! Any term listed on this sheet may be included in a
“Were You Listening” check, so please let me know if there is something you are not sure
about. Since sometimes the classes do not remain in class for the same number of days,
units may be reduced or eliminated to fit the schedule
Unit 1
Tejano and Multicultural Music, Selena
Terms to remember: Fusion music, Crossover music, Tejano =folk music+
country music+ pop music, Multicultural=created from many cultures
Selena facts: see movie guide
Additional info: Home-schooled after age 14, Grammy for Best Latin
Performance in 1993, designed her own clothing line, worked with
the DARE program, member of the Jehovah Witness faith, family
included Abraham (dad), Marcella (mom), AB (brother), Suzette (sister)
Project: Selena Biography Book
Viewing: “Selena”
Unit 2
Elements of Music
Terms to remember: Note and rests--whole through 16th, time signature,
Treble clef, Bass clef, musical staff, bar line, ledger line, notes on the
Treble and bass clef, Grand Staff, beat, rhythm, music alphabet (A-G)
Additional facts: Music=sound and silence, ear-nose and throat are all
related systems, music is all around us (STOMP), music is connected to
Math (counting, note value), science (mechanics of producing sound),
Language/Art (painting a “sound” picture with a song)
Projects: Flashcard Quiz, Rhythm Composition, STOMP Composition
Viewing: “STOMP Out Loud”
Unit 3
Voice 101
Terms to remember: Sollfegge (“sol-fedge”), pitch, tessitura (range of a
voice), octave, interval, scale, voice parts (Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Alto
Contralto, Cambiata I and II, Countertenor, Tenor, Baritone, Bass),
“Scal-es-thentics” (physical pitch signs), octavo, mood, tempo, dynamics
Project: Class will perform a 3-part octavo
Unit 4
Music History
Terms to remember: Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical,
Romantic, Contemporary/20th Century (time periods), Secular, Sacred,
Monophonic, Polyphonic, Counterpoint, Symphony, Concerto, Aria,
Opera, Oratorio, Musical, Libretto
Additional facts: We will also be looking at the connections between
the music of various time periods and the art, inventions and world events
of the same era.
Project: Music History 4X4 Poster
Unit 6
Drama/Musical Theatre
Terms: handout sheet will be provided
Project: Students will be able to present a monologue and a small
ensemble scene.
Additional Activities: Rhythm Bingo, Encore game, Karaoke day, Commercial challenge,
Beethoven or Mozart Bash
** Please note that due to a varying number of days in each block rotation, some units
may be shortened or eliminated.