A very important element of music!
Music 4th-6th grades
Stephenie Wheeler
 A tune
 A line of single tones that move
upward, move downward, or repeat
The Staff
 The musical staff is made up of five
horizontal lines and four spaces.
There is a direct relationship between playing consecutive
white keys on the piano, writing notes on the musical staff,
and the letters of the musical alphabet.
Treble Clef Names
The treble clef is also called the G clef because the clef
symbol curls around the line that represents the G above
middle C.
The names of the treble clef lines can be remembered by the
saying "Every Good Boy Does Fine." The spaces spell
"F A C E."
Notes can move upward
If you think of the lines as a ladder, it is easier to
understand them. The higher you climb on the ladder of
lines, the higher the notes will sound. The spaces count as
steps on the ladder too.
Notes can move downward
Notes can repeat or stay the
Notes can move by step
 This means there will be a note on every
line and space, consecutively
Notes can move by skip
This means that notes are placed on the staff,
or sounded by a pattern of skipping every
other note.
*In the example below, the space notes are
skipped, so the notes move up by skip.
Notes can move by leap
 This means that the distance between the
notes is farther than a skip.
 Notes that move by leap will sound far apart
as well.