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This week in English Class –
Word of the Week (W.O.W.):
Philanthropist = One who uses their time, talent, and/or treasure to help others.
**ALL PARENTS NEED TO HAVE ACCESS TO PARENT PORTAL! If you have not already signed up for Parent Portal (AND your child
for Student Portal), please do so through our Counseling Center here at Westmoore. Your involvement in what they are doing in
class/their grades is critical to their success as a student. Thank you for your help!
**I sent students home with a printed Grade Summary who currently have a low C, D, or are Failing! Please sign this Grade
Summary and send it back to me tomorrow!
I post student grades EVERY Monday by hour and ID#, and give them the opportunity to come in during lunch EVERY Tuesday and
Wednesday to make up work, whether absent or have missing assignments. Please encourage your child to take advantage of
TODAY IS THE DAY to Support the Freshman Class/Class of 2019!!!
Raising Cane’s in Moore – 12-9pm
Tell the drive-thru or dining cashier you’re “with Westmoore,” and we receive 15% back!
Thanks for your support!!! 
*Jaguar NEWS:
**Don’t forget to check my website and Class Calendar there to see what is going on each week. Have a great week!
**Athletic Events are attached!
“Go Jaguars!”