Team Robinson’s Weekly News 9/8/14-9/12/14 Parents,

Team Robinson’s Weekly News
Here are a few reminders and important things to note about the week
 PTA Membership- The first class to get 100% membership will win
an ice cream party. We would love to win! Also, our PTA is
wonderful and really works hard to help our school! Please
consider joining.
 Binders and Homework- Binders come home each day and should
be returned the next day. Inside the binder you will find
homework and notes for home. You will also sometimes see work
your student completed in class in the front pocket to read with
you at home. Some examples might include, phonics papers that
students write words using a sound we are working on in class,
math facts practice sheets, or stories to read or that your child has
written. If your child is absent I will also send any work they miss
home in the front pocket of the binder. Attendance is very
important and when your child misses school they miss out on
valuable learning time. Even if it is for a doctor appointment you
will need to make up the missed work. You will also see the clip
chart behavior calendar with your child’s color for the day. Please
continue to discuss the importance of participating and following
directions with your child.
 Spelling- Our first spelling test will be Friday (9/12)! Please make
sure you study at home. The list will be in the spelling section of
the Mustang Binder. I will also include a practice sheet for home
and there is also a list of fun ways to study at home.
Library Books- Thursday is our library day. Please make sure your
child has their book that day. If they miss getting to trade their
book on Thursday they might have to wait another week to trade
it. Reading at home is a wonderful way to help your child love
Friday Cooking Center- We will have an apple tasting party on
Friday (9/12). If you would send 2 apples to school with your child
(red, green, or yellow) we will taste them and make some treats
using them.
Student Handbook- We have all our handbooks turned in! Thanks
so much!
Snacks- We also do not have any snacks for the afternoon. If you
would consider donating 24 snacks to our class I know the
students would really appreciate it. Our lunch is early and an
afternoon snack really is appreciated.
Picture Day- Picture Day is 9/25
Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] if
you have any questions or concerns.
Julie Robinson