Title: Math Game Brainie
Purpose: This math game helps the students to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication,
division and estimation.
Grade Level/TEKS Reference:
Mathematics, Grade 6.
Number and Operations:
(D) add, subtract, multiply, and divide integers fluently
Length of time necessary for game or activity: 20 min
Number of Participants: 1-2
Source for Game or Activity:
Procedure: This game is very simple, presented as an arcade style game it gives the students an
opportunity to step out of the basic classroom setting and have a fun time trying to beat the
clock! The game begins with a giant head of a little boy that opens up displaying his “brain
matter.” This “brain matter” falls in cubes from the top Tetris style with different numbers on
them. A thought bubble next to the boys head displays a number. The player clicks on multiple
cubes, with positive and negative numbers, which add up to the number displayed in the thought
bubble. As the levels progress the thought bubble numbers get higher and the “brain matter” will
display not only numbers but different symbols such as * for multiplication and / for division.
Students will receive extra points for the more complex they make the equation.
Adapted by: Alexis Ramirez (2014)