December 11, 2014

Office of the Vice President – Academic Affairs
December 11, 2014
Present: J. Anaya, F. Arce, T. Bonacic, C. Fitzsimons, A. Grigsby, D. Hayden, A. Hernandez,
P. Humphreys, C. Jeffries, S. Jones, B. Klier, G. Miranda, W. Morris, B. Mulrooney, R. Murray,
R. Natividad, J. Nishime, D. Patel, B. Perez, K. Ragan, V. Rapp, S. Rodriguez, J. Shankweiler,
D. Shrader, J. Sims, C. Subramaniam, C. Striepe, R. Totorp, W. Warren
A. Notes of 11/13/14: Distributed and reviewed.
B. CEC Update: R. Murray provided an update:
 The CEC Nursing Pinning Ceremony will be on 12/11/14 at 6 p.m. in the CEC
C. PBC Update: D. Patel provided an update:
 PBC reviewed the processes for Strategic and Master Plans. The Institutional
Planning policy was Board approved on 11/17/14 and serves as a guiding document.
 The list of Academic Affairs instructional equipment was updated to include links
where the priorities originated.
 PBC received a presentation on PRP.
 The budget plan for the SSSP Plan was provided to the committee for review.
 The planning calendar was reviewed and amendments discussed.
 SEP was also brought to PBC.
 PBC reviewed the fiscal management accountability standards established by
ACCJC. The measures and responses to ACCJC’s list of evidentiary documents and
questions were reviewed.
 PBC was informed that facilities will be updating their campus standards.
 Forthcoming for review is a combined list of student service and administrative
service area priorities. $750K will be allocated from the unrestricted general fund in
the new year.
D. ASO Update:
 The Student Activity fee will be implemented spring 2015.
 The Auxiliary Services Board will determine how the funds raised from this fee will
be used.
 ASO should organize a campaign to inform students of the fee and its benefits.
 The ASO mid-year retreat is on 1/15/15. One of the topics that will be discussed is
the ways to promote this fee and strategies on how to continually promote it.
E. Academic Senate Update: C. Striepe and C. Jeffries provided an update:
 BP 5500 Academic Honesty & Standards of Conduct was presented for a first
reading. Academic Senate will have a second reading and may pass it at the 2/3/15
 BP 6200 Budget Preparation was presented as an informational item.
 FDC awarded Mediha Din, Professor of Sociology, with the Outstanding Adjunct
Faculty award. The committee also hosted “Getting the Job Workshop Part I: The Job
Application Process” on 12/5/14.
 ALC provided recommendations on how to involve adjunct faculty more in SLO
 College Council proposed that policies and procedures be reviewed by a separate
committee beginning with 3000 and 6000 series.
 The smoking policy will be on the January board agenda.
 One of the participants of the ECC forensics team was offered a full-ride scholarship
to Southern Illinois University.
 Academic Senate presented F. Arce with a Resolution of Appreciation certificate.
A. Enrollment Management Plan:
 F. Arce and J. Nishime reviewed the Enrollment Management Plan to ensure the
objectives listed are measurable, achievable and realistic.
 The change in the funding formula will be based on the unemployment rate, age,
education attainment level and the number of Pell Grant recipients. Given that growth
formula, ECC and CEC will be funded for 1.19% and 3.24% growth for 2015-16,
 This could change as it is unknown what will happen to enrollment with the impact of
the new requirements placed upon community colleges.
 CEC administrators are looking into ideas on how to build on campus as space
limitations are inhibiting growth.
 The Enrollment Management Plan will be brought to Academic Senate for review and
 Short term vocational programs are a potential area for growth.
 The next apportionment reporting period is January 2015. The 320 reports will
provide a better understanding of FTES generated in fall 2014. Positive attendance is
very critical so they must be collected before the January reporting period.
B. Early Alert System: Two early alert systems have been presented, Ellucian Pilot and
GradesFirst. GradesFirst has been contacted to provide a recommendation of services to
the college. A significant amount of background research and programming will need to
be done to implement this system. W. Warren will contact the ITS department at other
community colleges utilizing GradesFirst in regards to MIS reporting for SSSP.
C. Summer/Fall Registration and Withdraw Deadline:
 The schedule recommendations for summer and fall 2016 were discussed.
 The earliest registration date can only start after the W deadline to avoid illegal
 The first version of the fall 2016 registration calendar will involve more programming
for ITS.
Tiers 1, 2 and 3 begin registration followed by an interregnum period where
registration remains open only for these tiers. This allows for counseling to follow-up
with students in tiers 1, 2 and 3 who have not registered.
The interregnum can be shortened or removed.
The calendar should factor in an ample amount of time for outreach and counseling
Recommendation to review the registration calendars at other community colleges.
The Calendar Committee will meet in the spring to discuss the 2016-17 and 2017-18
Recommendation to have a small task force including members from ITS, ASO,
Counseling and Admissions & Records to work on the calendar. A draft should be
brought back to the Council of Deans for review.
The registration calendar will need to be finalized early enough to allow ITS time for
programming and marketing time to campaign.
I. Graff will net survey deans to gain feedback on an early withdraw date. ASO will
also discuss the withdraw deadline with members of the student government.
A. Announcements:
 12/11/14 will be the last day for Kay Ragan who served as Interim Dean of
Counseling and Student Services. Dr. Margaret Ramey will return to serve in her
place beginning 1/5/15.
The Fire Academy graduation will be held on 12/13/14.