Brainstorming Exercise on Fiction:

Brainstorming Exercise on Fiction: “The Cask of Amontillado”; “The
Yellow Wallpaper”; “A Rose for Emily”
1. How does the title reflect/relate to the argument(s) made by the story about a
theme or themes?
2. Examine the atmosphere and setting: how do these link to the text’s
argument(s)? What do they show about the characters? Their situation?
Conflicts within or between them?
3. Identify the characters associated with the conflict(s) and their
perspectives/positions. Which perspective or perspectives does the story
argue for?
4. Examine the foreshadowing used in the story: how does it connect to the plot?
What is the resolution? How is the conflict resolved? How does the
resolution connect to or create the text’s argument?
5. Identify uses of symbolism in the story and interpret them. How does the
symbolism link to character construction, to the plot? What imagery is used
to make the text’s argument(s)?
Be sure to include close reading, quoted and paraphrased material, as examples
and evidence. Use MLA format for in-text citation.