Tampa 18 Vocabulary

Tampa 18 Vocabulary
1. future – something that will exist or happen later on in time.
2. museum - a place where art and other objects of value are kept and
3. climate – the average weather conditions of a place over a period of years.
4. frequent – something that happens often.
5. remove – to get rid of something.
6. sequence – the order in which things are connected, related, or dated.
7. planet – a sphere shaped figure that travels in orbit about the sun in
8. zipper – a fastener with two rows of metal that closes an opening by
drawing them together.
9. rocket – a missile that travels through the air.
10. upset – to worry or to be unhappy.
11. public – open to or known by all people.
12. language – the different kinds of speech that people use.
13. principal – a leading person or the head of a school.
14. dessert – sweet food or fruit served at the end of the meal.
15. sow – to scatter seeds over land for growing plants.
16. tow – to draw or pull along behind.
17. sparrow – a small brownish bird related to the finches.
18. plow – a farm machine used to cut, lift, and turn over soil.
19. crown – a headdress worn by royal families.
20. frown – to look with disapproval.
21. ghost – the spirit of a dead person thought to be seen in the living world.
22. buggy – a light carriage with a single seat.
23. dandy – something that is very good.
24. mighty – having great power or strength.
25. century – a period of 100 years.
26. company – a group of people that come together.
27. electricity – an electric current used and regard as a source of power.
28. supply – to provide for or make available.