September 15th Minutes

NJHS Minutes
September 15th, 2015
Elections- Any student wanting to run for an office needs to sign up before
you leave today. You may run for one of the following offices: President,
Vice President, Secretary, and Historian/Reporter.
Election packets will be due on Friday, September 18th at 2:20 pm. Elections
will be held on Wednesday, September 24th.
Dues: It is time to pay your 1st semester dues. Dues are $5 and must be
turned in to Mr. Kaufman by Friday, October 9, 2015. Failure to pay your
dues may result in dismissal for Honor Society.
T-Shirts: We will be selling t-shirts as a fundraiser. Look for designs and
more information coming soon. If you have any ideas, submit them to Ms.
Richards or Mr. Kaufman ASAP!
Service Points: Remember, you must earn 5 service points each
semester. 3 of these points must be for inside activities. Inside activities are
those that the school sponsors (these will be the activities on your meeting
agendas). The other 2 points can come from outside service activities
(babysitting for free, volunteering at church, etc.). Outside points are not
required; All of your points can come from inside activities.
Halloween Carnival-In order for this event to be a success we need your
help. This will be an excellent opportunity for you to earn your three “inside”
points (or more) for Honor Society. We will have several things going on in
the 200 building that night. We will have Halloween crafts, games and
tattoos available in the cafeteria and the hallways. We are attempting to
create a haunted hall as well.
A. What do we need from you??-Candy – Since we are inviting all of our
feeder elementary schools, we will need lots and lots of candy. Members
can earn 1 service point for each large/jumbo size (approximate value
$4 - $5) bag of candy they bring. Your candy should be turned in to Ms.
Richards (room 210) by Tuesday, October 27th. (Please write your
name on your bags of candy in permanent marker so we will
know to whom to give the points. Sponsors are not responsible
for bags of candy without names on them.) You may only
earn two points max for contributing candy – so two large/jumbo bags
of candy per member max.
B. Volunteers – We will need lots of volunteers to help with the event as
well. Members can earn 1 service point for each hour of service on that
day. Please sign up on the lists. We will need help in the following
areas: Decorating (2:20p.m. – 5:00 p.m.), Crafts, Games, Tattoos, and
the Haunted Hall. We will also need a cleanup crew too. You may sign
up for multiple shifts. This is your opportunity to earn lots of
points. If you have any questions about this activity, please see one of
the sponsors. Shift sign up sheets will be on NJHS board, by October 2nd.
C. Different games
1.coloring corner
2.make a tootsie pop spider
3.pumpkin pick up
5.toilet paper toss
6. Tattoos
7. Face Painting
8. Soda/water for sale
9. teacher’s/parents/members have trick or treaters at their door???
10. Haunted Harry Potter Hallway
6. Food Drive for Moore Regional Food Bank-TBD
7. Christmas Party- If you have your required points, you will be able to attend the
Christmas Party.
8. Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest-Date TBD
9. Decorate the school or donate items for Christmas Wish List
10. Next meeting will be September 29th with officers only. Next meeting
with everyone will be October 1st.