Science vs. Pseudo science Writing Assignment

Science vs. Pseudo science Writing Assignment
Prepare a one page, single spaced, type-written paper on an example of pseudoscience in
society today. Your paper should have the following structure:
Introduction – Give a brief synopsis of the pseudo science. What does it attempt to explain?
Who performs this activity? Are there any organizations out there that promote this activity?
Discussion – Give a detailed discussion of why this is a pseudoscience. Use the chart from class
and give specific examples. For instance does the pseudoscience improperly use any scientific
terms? If so which ones and how?
Debunk – In your final paragraph offer up an argument, supported by facts, that debunks this
This extra credit report is due a week from today! And will be worth 10 extra points on your
first exam! Make sure you proof read the paper and correct spelling mistakes. All grammatical
errors will result in a deduction of extra credit points.