Ch. 31.2 (18 Questions)

Ch. 31.2 Name______________________
(18 Questions)
How did intolerance to modernism and the avant-garde in Europe, especially in Nazi Germany, help New York City and the United States become a
more powerful art center?
2. Which artwork alludes to personal pain as well as the Aztec custom of human sacrifice by heart removal?
3 - 4. What role did the Federal Art Project and the Public Works of Art Project play in supporting and encouraging American artistic endeavor during the
Great Depression?
5. In your opinion, should governments pay for artwork?
6 - 11. Give the title of your favorite and least favorite painting, sculpture, and building from this chapter. Briefly explain why if you want to.
favorites list
least favorites list
12. Which artist’s parentsmoved to Atlantic city, New Jersey from South Carolina as part of the Great Migration? This artist became one of the best-known
artists to emerge from the Harlem Community Center.
13. Which group of artists felt destined to make a major mark on art history; being convincedthat they had the power to transform the world with their art.
14. Write 5 of your own questions that you predict will be on the exam from this part of the book on the back of this page. (When I ask for your questions,
that’s all I want. No answers, just questions.